AHA-NEK Cloth Hanger .  



The Netherlands



AHĀ-NEK is a minimal, sustainable, innovative cloth hanger made to protect clothing pieces with necks and fixed collars. Consisting of two
interlocking, wooden sticks, the hanger slides easily in and out any garment’s neck, without stretching it. The prototype was produced
with leftover bamboo and the manufacturing is based on local timber, allowing the design to actively support a circular and eco-friendly
way of making. Aesthetically similar to chopsticks, it does not only reproduce the shape, but also the logic; an elegant product, quick and
easy to assemble with maximum efficiency.

Published in the Leeuwarder Courant and the Franeker Courant

Design Team: Ismini Christakopoulou, Frederik Nippel
Production Team: Joost Sopers, Ismini Christakopoulou, Frederik Nippel

Photos: Aki Lee, Lola May Photography