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   IM Silodam   


   Residential Design / Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2022-23   

Living the view.

Apartment Renovation
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Architecture & Interior Design:
Minimuc Design Studio

Lead Architect:  Ismini Christakopoulou

Collaborator: Konstantina Diamantogianni

Visualzation: Ivan Shmailykov

Carpentry: Koen Vleugel

Silodam is a landmark of Amsterdam; built on a former breakwater, the 20-meter-deep and ten-story-high urban envelope hosts a mixed program of housing, offices, workspaces, commercial and public spaces. Designed by MVRDV and constructed from 1995 to 2003, the complex is located on the edge of the Houthavens; one of the most beautiful places in Amsterdam.


This is where our clients I & M bought their first property; a 90m2 maisonette, with a breathtaking view over the IJ and Amsterdam North on one side, and the center and the Oude Houthavens with its houseboats on the other. And this was exactly what drafted our brief; to 'live the views'. 


Windowsill seatings run around all openings. High-end, custom-made woodwork, soft clay-plastered surfaces, oak flooring, and brushed brass fixtures complete the visual vocabulary of this majestic house; an elegantly soft and rich material palette for a welcoming, inspiring, and naturally luxurious, contemporary environment. filled with life.


A custom-made, sculptural staircase in warm oak welcomes you on the left, creating a necessary pocket for coats and shoes. Moving forward, an open L-shaped kitchen, in soft-touch milky Taj Mahal marble, rests on oak blocks. A custom sink highlights the soft brown and silver veins of the marble, and the induction stove with extractor ensures an unhindered view while cooking, with a direct connection to the living room.

In the living room, a podium raises the large L-shaped couch on the right eye level, allowing for an unimpeded view of the IJ  river, while creating a small-scale home cinema with a large flat screen on the opposite wall. The left part of the windowsill consists of a flexible oak slate, which rotates 90 degrees in order to create space for a 4-6 seater dining table. Off-white plastered walls and the micro-cement flooring in oat complete the luxurious look.

Shapes and materials of the interior all have a tranquilitan and simplicity 
elegance and good craftmanship defined the identity of architecture. By adding a monochrome, yet tactile, soft-minimal and timeless qualities.

An exquisite herringbone parquet flooring

An impressive backdrop for people to work creatively and productively in the new TOG workspace.

Moving upstairs, a long corridor with herringbone floor in honey-oak runs becomes a gallery wall directing the way to the master bedroom. Lime-wash walls surround the and the logia became an extension of the masterbedroom. Windowsiil seating becomes again the main actor of the setting creating both a lounching area as well as a small study. Handmade, ceramic brick stairs lead down from the main house and onto the terrace area, continuing into the interior and becoming a beautiful, rustic and distinctive characteristic of the space exclusive to the seaside abode.


Last stop of this apartment is the bathroom. Off-white tiles and lime-wash paint runn on vertical and horizontal surfaces. A built-in brushed brash fixtures come our of clay plasted walls and a traventine double vanity finishes the look.


“A minimal spatial adventure for a world traveleThe main character of this play is the view, so the design is here to -just- frame it.r”.