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   IM Silodam Apartment  


Residential Design / Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2022-23

Living the view.

Apartment Renovation
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Architecture & Interior Design:
Minimuc Design Studio

Lead Architect:  Ismini Christakopoulou

Collaborator: Konstantina Diamantogianni

Visualzation: Ivan Shmailykov

Carpentry: Koen Vleugel

Silodam is a landmark of Amsterdam; built on a former breakwater, the 20-meter-deep and ten-storey-high urban envelope, hosts a mixed program of housing, offices, workspaces, commercial and public spaces. Designed by MVRDV and constructed from 1995 to 2003, the complex is located on the edge of the Houthavens; one of the most beautiful places in Amsterdam.


This is where our clients I & M bought their first property; a 90m2 maisonette, with a breathtaking view over the IJ and Amsterdam North on one side, and the center and the Oude Houthavens with its houseboats on the other. And this was exactly what drafted our brief; to 'live the views'. 


Windowsill seatings run around all openings. High-end, custom-made woodwork, soft clay-plastered surfaces, oak flooring, and brushed brass fixtures complete the visual vocabulary of this majestic house; an elegantly soft and rich material palette for a welcoming, inspiring, and naturally luxurious, contemporary environment.


“The main character of this play is the view; the design is just here to frame it”.


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