Protective Fuller’s Earth / Green Clay Soap

With a fresh and earthy scent, our signature soap is going to travel you to a morning walk in nature. Preferably barefoot.

We are using clay of marine origin, rich in mineral salts and natural trace elements. It comes from a quarry located in the extreme southof Sicily, in a clean, sunny and ventilated place almost all year round, not far from the Mediterranean Sea. Green clay is a natural anti-ageing agent, it absorbs stress and free radicals while leaving the skin silky, soft and supple.

For Face and Body. Can be used daily.
Especially good for balancing oily and congested skin.

Certified Eco-Organic, Vegan.

Signature After the Rain Soap

PriceFrom € 12,00
  • Apply the soap on damp hands, massage and rinse with water. Avoid ocular and mucous areas. In case of contact with the eyes, wash with plenty of water.