WE LOVE HUGS. The long, looong ones. May these pillows work as a daily reminder to give yourself a nice squeese too! Do not limit your actions of love only to your favourite people.


Our friends (Greg & Bea) are calling them "seratonine generators"!  Super cool right?! Let's help our beautiful bodies create the happiness hormone and loose yourself to hugs!


Hugging Pillow Blue

€ 126,00Price
  • Memory foam pillows designed to provide a customized hugging-back feeling!

    • Soft, 100% natural waffle linen pillowcase
    • Pilowcase dimensions 50x75 cm
    • Anti-bacterial, bamboo fabric pillow casing
    • Memory foam pillow (inner) promoting natural posture alignment
    • Pillow dimensions 40x70 cm 
  • Pick it up. Don't be embarrashed. Give it a nice squeeze! Once again. Repeat as many time as needed. Alone or with others. Watch your worries drift away.