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YM Attic Bedroom


Bedroom Design / Waalre, The Netherlands 2022


An everyday personal get away.


Bedroom Renovation Advice
Weert, The Netherlands


Architecture & Interior Design:
Ismini Christakopoulou

Natalia Simal

Just a breath away from Eindhoven, the beautiful town of Waalre can be found; the so-called Green-fountain provides a diverse tree population while being surrounded by woods, fields, and lanes. Waalre was voted as the 7th best Dutch municipality to live in, while considered to be one of the richest villages in the Netherlands. 

This is exactly where Y&M bought their first property; a 165m2 semi-detached house. While the couple took care of their house's renovation, they asked for our advice on remodeling their attic, converting it from a self-made (by the previous owner) secondary bedroom to a hotel-like, luxurious-feeling ensuite master bedroom with a walk-in closet. 

We decided to visually expose the roof beams, in order to highlight the special character of the space. The layout was split into two parts, and two skylights were added, achieving access to view, natural light, and ventilation throughout the whole area. The bed becomes the central piece of the space, directly facing the opening by the freshly put dormer window. A slatted panel at the back of the bed formulates both a minimal headboard as well as the necessary division between the sleeping area and the dressing room. A second, perpendicular to the movent axis, zone signifies an open wet area with direct access to the walk-in closet. A continuous vanity allows for an unhindered space for all bathroom-related smaller items, while a rain shower adds up to the hotel vibe of this master bedroom. The wc is positioned on the other side, directly accessible after the staircase. A large curtain finishes the scenery, creating a soft closure to the master bedroom.


“An in-house hotel room”.


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