About Us . 

a multidisciplinery studio 

making spaces, objects,

graphics and brands.

Minimuc is an award-winning, internationally operating design studio based in Amsterdam, founded in 2014 by the architect Ismini Christakopoulou. We work across the fields of architecture & design, creative direction & brand identity, graphic & web design,

We strive for a refined design full of context. We value beauty, treasure efficiency, crave for experimentation, praise fantasies. We keep on making with an open mind and a curious attitude. With an eye for detail and a good sense of structure, we aim to create unique approaches.

We work closely with our clients, crafting personal spaces and ideas. We channel each brand's essence through differentiated and statement-making design. We aim in inspiring, current but timeless works, reflective of the values and characters of each user. Our service's application of holistic design principles,  makes us unique in our offering.











11. 2019
Xenia International Hospitality Expo
Athens, Greece


09. 2018
Rome, Italy


04. 2017
Tetterode [AiR solo exhibition]
The room I live in
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

09. 2016
Rethink Art digital festival
Rethymnon, Greece

07. 2016
Czong Institute for Contemporary Art
The face of a Blue Song
Cyeonggi-do, South Korea

06-08. 2016
Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo
No Future [urbz]
Rome, Italy

06-08. 2016
Haus der Architektur Graz
‘Form Follows..’ / No Future [urbz]
Graz, Austria

06-09. 2016
arc en rêve centre d’architecture
Constellations / Circulatory Urbanism [urbz]
Bordeaux, France

06-07. 2016
Künstlerhaus Wien
The Essence 16 / Sound mapping
Vienna, Austria

06. 2016
Oris - House of architecture
Interactive lecture ‘No Future’ [urbz]

Zagreb, Croatia

05. 2016
Wanted Design Manhattan
n.Close lamp
New York, USA

01-03. 2016
Elaine L. Jacob Gallery
Deep Design: Pace, Place and
Personhood [urbz]
Detroit - USA

10. 2015
Akademie der bildenden Künste
Silver Linings / From phyche to hyle [ToTa]
Vienna, Austria

10. 2015
Art UnAnchored Festival
Co-existences of now and multiple
personalities of the same entity
Vienna, Austria

09. 2015
Vienna International Art Fair
Coffee Tub
Vienna, Austria


06-07. 2015
Künstlerhaus Wien
The Essence 15 / Shrinking Cities,
Expanding Territories
Vienna, Austria

06-10. 2015
Museum für Angewandte Kunst
Vienna Biennale 2015 / Uneven Growth [urbz]
Vienna, Austria

06. 2015
Art of Elysium
I see th elight [ToTa]
Los Angeles, USA

05. 2015
University of Greenwich
Haptic Narratives /
I am walking in a place different
from te one you are now
Greenwich, UK

04-05. 2015
The Billboard Creative
I see the light [ToTa]
Los Angeles, USA

11. 2014 - 05.2015
(MoMA) Museum of Modern Art
Unever Growth: Tactical Urbanisms
for Expanding Megacities [urbz]
New York, USA

10. 2014
Athens Video Art Festival
I am walking in a place different from the one

you are now [video screening]
Athens, Greece

06-07. 2014
Künstlerhaus Wien
The Essence 14 / deep surfaces
Vienna, Austria

05. 2014
Pixels of Identities /
Jitter [ToTa]
Buenos Aires, Argentina

05. 2013
Imagine the city: Pyrgos /
Hellenic Student Architectural
Competition for designing the
entrance of Ancient Olympia
Pyrgos Ileias, Greece

03-04. 2013
Centre for Mediterranean Architecture
5th Triennale of Architecture /
M.Arch design thesis
Chania, Greece


12. 2012
Benaki Museum
Digital Architectural Sweets
Athens, Greece


06. 2009
Centre for Mediterranean Architecture
Terms of interaction/
5 academic projects
Chania, Greece




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