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DTS Apartment


Residential Design / Amsterdam (NL) 2021

Modern, timeless and tactile simplicity.

Private Residence Renovation
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Architecture & Interior Design:
Minimuc Design Studio

Lead Architect:  Ismini Christakopoulou

Visualization: Demosthenes Kouros

The eastern district of Amsterdam, known as Amsterdam-Oost, has some dedicated fans, and that's for a good reason. Being characterized as dynamic, diverse, and with a green heart, the emerging district is ideal for young couples and families. And our clients definitely match this description. RJ & A bought their first apartment in the quiet neighborhood of Transvaalbuurt West; a double-story, spacious, and full of natural light, property of 100m2, in a 1927's building.


The space offered great qualities, however, multiple interventions were performed in order to upgrade the quality of the resident's living; a complete rebuilding of the bathroom (converting a single space in two), bespoke built-in furniture, and a grandiose iaesthetic upgrade of living room, and kitchen.

The space is a choreographed interplay of light and darkness. Focusing on contrasting minimalism, warm birch surfaces meet blocks of smoked oak and gray marble slates touch a grayscale of brushed graphite, black and white metallic finishings. The whole space is an excellent example of a living, modern, timeless and tactile simplicity.


“Minimalism, with a contrasting twist”.


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