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Natural Framing

Exhibition Design + Creative Direction / Athens, Greece 2019


Exhibition Design for Tsigas S.A / 
XENIA 2019 - Hospitality Trade Show 

Athens, Greece

Architectural Design:
Ismini Christakopoulou

Light Design:
Ismini Christakopoulou, 

Melina Lasithiotaki


Veroi Fetsi

XENIA is the largest international hospitality-equipment exhibition in Greece, and in 2019 we had the chance and honor to design a 80m2 pavilion for TSIGAS SA; a company that -for 52 years- specializes in manufacturing wooden frames, shutters, doors and special constructions, serving consistently the aesthetics of wood. 

Following the company's tradition and expertise, we worked solely with natural materials and elements. Construction, exhibits' stands, and bespoke furniture, were made out of Oak, Meranti and Tik, showcasing the company's rich collection. Semi-transparent glass, light, and a living-vegetation composition completed the aethetic part of the pavilion.


“Natural materials. Sustainable design. Better Living."

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