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Aha-Nek Cloth Hanger

Product Design / Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2020

AHA-NEK_minimuc_by_lolamay (1).jpg

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Concept & Design:

Minimuc Design Studio

Design team: Ismini Christakopoulou, Frederik Nippel

Production team: Joost Sopers, Ismini Christakopoulou, Frederik Nippel

Photography: Aki Lee, Lola May


  • European Product Design Award 2020 
    Home Interior Products /
    Bedroom Furniture + Accessories 


  • DNA Paris Design Awards 2020
    Product Design /
    Homeware + accessories




  • Leeuwarden Courant, May 2020

  • Franeker Courant, May 2020

  • EPIPLEON Wood + Design Magazine 2022

AHĀ-NEK is a minimal, sustainable, innovative cloth hanger made to protect clothing pieces with necks and fixed collars. Consisting of two interlocking, wooden sticks, the hanger slides easily in and out, any garment’s neck, without stretching it. Each piece is made by hand using surplus bamboo.


Aesthetically similar to chopsticks, it does not only reproduce the shape, but also the logic; an elegant product, quick and easy to assemble with maximum efficiency.​​

Published in the Leeuwarder Courant and the Franeker Courant.


“Simple, but different”.

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