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Memory Scented Soaps

Self-Care Product Line / The Netherlands 2021

The Art of Cleansing.


Concept & Design:

Minimuc Design Studio

Lead Designer: Ismini Christakopoulou

Production Pharmacist: Mania Foteinou

Photography: Demosthenes Kouros, Simone Frank

I dreamt of home, and it came in scents; 

The wet soil after the rain. Warm summer bodies, hugging during a heavenly blooming summer night. Ice-cold glasses of water served in bed.


This is not a soap collection. It's my childhood, brought to life in a tangible form. 

My personal sanctuary of unconditional love. I am delighted to offer you all, a handful of love. For your body-care / body-love rituals. 100% handmade, organic, soaps infused with childhood scents. Responsibly produced in Greece.

Surrender to the water. Your primal habitat. 
Soak in earthy scents. Refresh and relax. Cleanse and Heal.


Surrender to the water. Your primal habitat. Soak, refresh & relax. Cleanse & Heal.

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