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MPS Apartment


Residential Design / Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2021

Limited spaces, endless possibilities.

An ode to simple living.

Apartment Renovation
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Architecture & Interior Design:
Minimuc Design Studio

Lead Architect:  Ismini Christakopoulou

Visualization: Demosthenes Kouros

EPIPLEON Wood + Design Magazine 2022

When you talk about up-and-coming neighborhoods in Amsterdam, that are (again) gaining popularity, you can hardly ignore 'De Baarsjes', in Amsterdam-West. Exactly there, in the cozy neighborhood of 'De Baarsjes', our client IdC bought his first property; a 60m2 bright apartment, on the fourth floor of a beautiful 1925s building.


The original floorplan was characterized by a central arriving point, surrounded by several small rooms; a rather limiting layout at first sight. But, we decided to take up the challenge to utterly transform the space, while perfoming minimum structural changes.  

Natural oak slatted doors were designed to run throughout the whole apartment, playing hide and seek with heaters, electric cables, wardrobes, and even whole bedrooms. Cozy furniture, minimal lighting, handcrafted textiles, and iconic design pieces complete the look of this very special apartment.


“A minimal spatial adventure for a world traveler”.


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