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Treasure Boxes

Self-help Product Design / Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2021

Your secrets are safe with me.

Handcrafted Self-Help Companions
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Concept & Design:

Minimuc Design Studio

Lead Designer: Ismini Christakopoulou

Woodwork: Joost Sopers

Photography: Simone Frank

Inspired by my childhood and the old-school money box (or piggy bank), we carved a safe space for communicating with ourselves. We like calling them 'TREASURE BOXES'.

"For your secrets and Ideas. The thoughts you'll never share. 
For the love notes to yourself. Or to the other one, that's not around.

To empty your mind. Express and discharge.
Whatever goes in, Stays safe with me".

One-of-a-kind pieces, locally crafted in the Netherlands, by the loving hands of Joost Sopers. We used exclusively surplus materials from his wood workshop, ending up with a fine combination of bamboo, maple, and oak. 



"Your self-support companion".

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