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VF Residence 


Residential Design / Athens (GR) 2024

A Dream Home coming True.

New build Project
Athens, Greece


Architecture & Interior Design:
Minimuc Design Studio

Lead Architect:  Ismini Christakopoulou

Collaborator: Konstantina Diamantogianni

Photography: Panos Iliopoulos

VF bought her first property in the northern suburbs of Athens, Greece. A 90m2 apartment at a new-built construction. With a direct view of the neighborhood park, a large corner opening provides a seamless connection between interior and exterior,  welcoming residents & visitors to this dreamy apartment. 

Traventive blocks meet white-washed timber and tonal materials, embracing by contrast the lush foliage. The open living space is bright and voluminous, with the kitchen, dining, and living room expanding the home’s full length. A large futon seating faces the corner fireplace, metallic details surround the custom-made kitchen, and handcrafted artworks, complete this imbued with ‘light calmness’ space; a true celebration of the Art of Slow Living. 

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MinimucDS_VF-Residency  (8).jpg

Moving to the wet spaces, both design and materialization choices deliberately avoid commonly used finishings. Microcement runs from floor to ceiling, all sanitary pieces come in brushed graphite and a fluted glass shower screen complete the material vocabulary of the space.

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“A highly aesthetic, contemporary living”.